• • Two recent passports photograph [Canadian specification 35mm x 45mm}

  • • Original passport bio data page{and accompanies if any}

  • • Also, passport should have a minimum of two blank visa pages and minimum 6 months validity from the date of return from trip.

  • • Previous passports showing travel history. (if any)

  • 1} If you are self-funded, you must submit evidence of sufficient funds to cover you. Evidence includes: a certified bank statement with three months history including one month prior to or the same month as your application submission, or investments, in your name, or business name.
  • 2} Sponsorship: Client should get a sponsor’s bank statement attached with a letter of confirmation from the bank and a letter from your sponsor.
    Sponsorship from Canada: your host in Canada may voluntarily provide financial document such as recent bank statements for saving accounts, short term or long term deposits that shows their name, account balance and the date the account was opened.{ also an invitation letter if applicable}

  • • Police character report {optional}

  • • Medical Exam {optional}

  • • Leave letter from organization or Business registration certificate if self Employed.

  • • Marriage Certificate {if married]

  • • Birth Certificates for each family member whether or not they are requesting a visa.

  • • A school leave letter for students {if applicable}.

  • For Business Travel:

  • 1} Self Sponsorship: a letter from your employer indicating the purpose of your travel, your itinerary within Canada and bank statement, a letter from the Canadian business confirming duration (visit dates) and nature of your business.
  • 2} Company Sponsorship: a letter from the company stating purpose/reasons for sponsorship and itinerary, valid identity card and company’s bank statement.
  • 3} Self Employed: Provide business registration, tax clearance certificates, trade certificates, license and financial documents, etc. (certified business bank account statement for past 6 months).

  • • Travel Based On Invitation:- invitation letter, stating visit dates, duration, purpose and contact information and Citizenship Certificate or Canadian passport bio-data page or Permanent Resident Card. {if applicable}.

  • • For Seminars, Trade Shows, Conferences – invitations, registration and hotel confirmation.

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