• • Bio metric Photo

    • National ID Card (1 Original +1 Copy)

    • Documents attesting to the income status of the applicant and inviting person

    • Flight Reservation

    • Hotel Booking or Invitation

    • Supporting document on the applicant's commitment to return (Land registry, business certificate, salary table, bank account statement)

    • A completed Turkish application form for Nigerian citizens.

    • An application fee that is non-refundable.

    • Your original passport, with a validity of at least 6 months from your intended date of return.

    • FOR NON WORKING SPOUSES. Passport Copies of both parents One Copy of wedding certificate

    • Two passport photos (5 x 6cm), on a white background. The photos should not have any staples in it.

    • Itinerary: your day-to-day schedule of what your plans in the country will be.

    • 6 months bank statements: this is needed to show that you will have sufficient funds for the time you’re spending in Turkey.

    • A letter from your employer that states how much you earn on a monthly basis.

    • Proof of accommodation: hotel reservations (booking papers to say where you’ll be staying, and for how long) or if staying with friends, a letter of invitation stating so.

    • Proof of health insurance.

    • Vaccination card (Nigerians will need to get immunization shots against yellow fever and typhoid).


    o 1.A parental authorization letter from the "Court" or "Notary" if not traveling with both parents.

    o 2.Birth Certificate (1 Original +1 Copy)

    • Proof of payment for visa application, as well as visa processing fee.

    • FOR BUSINESS TRIPS An "ORIGINAL" business Invitation letter ( Optionally Notary or Chamber of Commerce Certified) from a company in Turkey stating;-the purpose of your visit-the name, address and contact number of the company to be visited-that the company takes full responsibility for your expenses in Turkey.

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