Travel Ajo is a scheme that helps you make adequate and convenient financial plan for your upcoming trip. It allows travellers set aside certain amount of money weekly or monthly thereby reducing the burden of having to raise a huge sum of money at once for your holiday. You will be able to make payments into a dedicated account based on your selected schedule and see your money grow till you reach the desired amount for your trip. Once the target amount is reached, you can then purchase your package or travel products from Diamonds and Pearls Travels.

We have 2 types of Travel Ajo scheme :-

  1. TRAVEL AJO TARGET :  The Travel Ajo Target allows you to set aside money periodically and pay in bit for a specific travel package that is already selling on our platform. This means destination, date, cost of the package and other package details have been provided prior to planning the trip. This also means that you already have a target amount you are planning towards and the specific period within which you need to put money aside. Travel Ajo Target may not require registration by filling the form below but it will require you to send an email to us or call us to start planning for that package you are targeting.

  2. TRAVEL AJO HOLIDAY PLANNER :  This involves planning your trip without a specific date or package or even, a destination in mind. The traveller often chooses his or her destination after reaching a particular amount and then decide to go for a package that he or she prefers or join a group package that we are selling at the time. This Travel Ajo requires the customer to fill the form below and then choose his or her destination later.

To start planning for your next trip, please fill the form below and submit. We will receive your request and start processing. For more information please call 08106861048 or send email to travelajo@dandptravels.com. Once your registration has been processed, you will receive subscriber number which should be used when making payment into the dedicated account you will be advised along with your name. Get in touch today, you are one step away from that dream holiday!


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