Our visa processing assistance is done professionally to assist genuine traveler visit their choice destinations. We are not a visa processing consultancy firm so our approach to visa processing is different and we only target leisure and business travelers. We can also assist with visa application for school admission and relocation in selected destinations.

The visa processing assistance that we offer includes the following :-

  1. Not all applicants are qualified for their desired destination. Part of our job is to profile every customer that comes to us for visa application and advise on the best way to apply. This sometime may mean that such applicant will need to build their travel history or may need to properly build themselves to qualify for such visas.

  2. We check documentation to ensure that they meet embassy’s requirements. Where the customer cannot meet such requirements for their visa application, we advise the customer on how to legitimately get the document. Please note that we do not provide documents for customer. Customers must ensure that they have all the right documents as required for their visa category before approaching us. (we strongly advise customers to stay away from presenting doctored or forged documents for their visa application, as this can permanently ruin their chances of ever getting a visa to that destination).

  3. We advise on how best to draft your letters to the embassy.

  4. We assist in booking hotel and also prepare an itinerary, where necessary, for your application.

  5. Where it is allowed, we help customer submit their application or follow them to the visa submission centre.

  6. Our charges often includes travel health insurance and visa fees.

  7. Where possible, we help monitor progress on your visa application and give feedback from the embassy concerning your application.

  8. We also assist in booking visa submission and visa interview appointment where applicable.

List of countries we can provide visa assistance for

The countries listed below are the countries we can help you process visa to. Please note that you need to check your eligibility for that country before applying for visa to that country. You can check your eligibility by filing and submitting the form below. Once we receive the form we will get back to you within 24 hrs via the email address provided if you are eligible to apply to that country or not. Once we have confirmed that you are eligible, you can then proceed with the visa processing. If you are not eligible, we will advise, based on our professional experience, on the best course of action to follow and guide you through this process until you are eligible to apply to your choice destination. It is very important to check your eligibility before making your request so that we can save time on your application.

United States of America


United Kingdom








United Arab Emirates




Kenya (E-visa only)




South Africa




Visa Profiling Form

To confirm your eligibility and to know your visa type and suitable documents for you, kindly answer the questions below.

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*Note :-   Please note that, there is no guarantee that this profiling will change the outcome of your visa application. It is meant to only access your current status as far as visa processing is concern.

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