Diamond & Pearls

Diamonds and Pearls Travels Limited is a registered travel company with head office in Lagos, Nigeria.The company started operations in 2010 to provide travel solutions to business travelers that required visa processing assistance to destinations where they need to attend conferences and exhibitions.We have since grown into a full-fledged travel company providing more travel services to various destinations such as flights, hotel bookings, airport transfers, cruises, tailor made packages, honeymoons, short getaways, family vacations, health insurance etc.

Our vision is to make travel accessible. We are very passionate about demystifying travel, making it possible for everyone to experience destinations they have always wanted to visit.One of the ways we do this is by selling our travel products differently, ensuring that people see the benefits rather than the cost.We also ensure that we discourage people from absconding when they travel to another country just because there is a momentary appearance of comfort in the destination they visit.We do this by ensuring that we get a good background of all our intending travelers.

We provide travel product and services to leisure and business travelers seeking to visit various destinations.We offer a personalized service so that you feel at home while making your booking with us.Our Travel Consultants are trained to go the extra mile for every customer by making sure that each customer is satisfied and receives what they have been promised or even more.

We are active on all social media platform, engaging our followers with useful information on travel and tourism.We use these new media to change the narratives about travel, encouraging learning through travel and giving tips on what to look out for when they visit a destination.We are hopeful for our nation Nigeria that there will be a change in how other countries receive us into their country.This is part of the overall goal of Diamonds and Pearls Travels.

Domestically we also encourage tourism, promoting local tourism through entertainment and other social trends.









Other services we provide

The company started operations by providing travel solutions for customers, It has since grown into a full travel company providing more service like: cruises, tailor made
packages, honeymoons, short getaways, family vacations, health insurance, international exhibitions and conferences etc.

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